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 DanceSportAcademy NL is a unique collaboration of dutch trainers with different areas of expertise like nutrition, mental coaching, fitness and injury prevention. Knowledge about dancing techniques is considered to be of paramount importance.  Because of this and the structured way of training the current world champions  Benedetto Ferruggia & Claudia Koehler and their italian trainers have united themselves with the concept and action plan of DanceSport Academy NL. During 2015 Sara Cassini (Latin) has joined the DSA trainers staff.
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Resultsoriented approach:
Success in todays DanceSport is far from guaranteed!
To have success in DanceSports it takes, just like in other sports, hard work and a personalized plan of action concerning topics like Dance, physical fitness, mental power,health and nutrition.

No matter the level at which you are dancing, Debutant or Main league,a structurised and systematic approach is the key to success. DancesportAcademy NL can help you with that. If you really want to make strides in your dancing skills then contact us.